Asteroid Room

We are so proud of our newly create Asteroid Room.  This room came to fruition when COVID hit us.  Many of our families were left without school or childcare when public schools did not re-open in the fall.  We worked quickly and thoughtfully to create a school-age classroom for our current families who had children starting Kindergarten or returning to first grade. We were able to support families with having their children together during a very difficult time, so that they could continue to work themselves.  We hired to brilliant teachers who adapted, modified and accommodated schedules for FIVE different school districts and 11 children!  Paige and Susan provide support throughout the day while the students are learning virtually from their respective teachers/schools.  In the afternoon, they have been able to provide meaningful science, social studies, and extracurricular activities for the children as one class.   It has been a wonderful partnership with school districts as well as families!