Sue Neeley

Position title: Enrichment Teacher


My name is Sue Neeley, but my friends call me Sue Moo. I am a first generation American, and I would say the greatest traditions my parents passed down to me and my two sisters are the ability to speak Lao and cook Asian cuisine. I have a bachelor of arts degree from Winona State University where I studied dance, management, and business administration. I am a certified children’s yoga instructor through Kidding Around Yoga and a licensed substitute teacher. Prior to accepting my position here at WECP, I was the owner and operator of Moove and Groove and a substitute teacher for grades K-12. I taught yoga and dance at preschools throughout the greater Madison area. I am also a member of Limanya Drum and Dance Ensemble, studying and performing traditional music and dance from Guinea, West Africa. I was a preschool teacher at the Goodman Community center for 4+ years prior to having children of my own.  When my husband, Cory, and I had our two children, I was the caregiver for two other children as well as joining their parent cooperative preschool (Monona Grove Nursery School). Currently, I practice martial arts with my two children, and we are all blue belts. Our family also includes two dogs.  Our family of six loves to cook together, walk in the woods, swim in the lakes, play games, have dance parties, and sing karaoke together.