Administration and Support Staff

Nancy Saevang

Position title: Director

Welcome, all! My name is Nancy Saevang.  I graduated for the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies, as well as obtaining a minor in Asian American Studies.  During my undergrad, I began my career with WECP in 2013 as an undergraduate student.  In 2016, I was hired on as a full-time lead teacher.  Recently, I have started my new position as the WECP Associate Director.  With the multiple roles I have experienced here at WECP, I am excited to build on my learning opportunities and getting to work directly with all of you to provide an environment where all of our teachers and children with varying needs can thrive.  Aside from my professional career, I have two little ones, Kendall (4-year-old) and Greyson (8-month-old), who are my pride and joy.  We enjoy spending our time as a family outdoors and exploring the Madison area.  Overall, I am excited for all of us to embark on this journey together!

Ruth Munz

Position title: WECP Administrative Assistant

Hi, I am Ruth, the Administrative Assistant for WECP. For the past fifteen years, I’ve kept track of behind-the-scenes paperwork and numerous details to help WECP run smoothly. My other interests include paper crafts, sewing, hiking, and gardening. My husband and I have a micro-prairie yard filled with wildflowers!

Megan Hribar

Position title: WECP Center Assistant

Megan is one of our valuable WECP Center Assistants who helps support WECP in so many ways, including keeping our kitchen, gym, and laundry room areas looking clean and organized, helping clean up from snacks and meals, and keeping our nap mats sanitized. Megan loves telling jokes and surprising staff with a quick “BOO”! She enjoys reading animated story books and loves all things Disney! Megan attended preschool at WECP and we are so fortunate to have her continuing with us as part of our WECP family!

Christopher Lang

Position title: WECP Center Assistant

Christopher is one of our valuable WECP Center Assistants who helps support WECP in so many ways, including keeping our hallway and bathroom floors swept and mopped, our kitchen organized and clean, and our classroom chairs washed. Christopher is always there with a friendly greeting for parents and preschoolers and is quick to praise kids for how well they are doing! He enjoys being independent, living in and taking care of his childhood home. Christopher especially enjoys attending the WECP Fall and Spring picnics and classroom potlucks, so be sure to wave or say hi when you see him!